Sarus Technology is a distributor of Auto-ID solutions in Nordics, Russia and CIS countries.
Our team of IT and business professionals is providing technology and marketing bridge from Nordics to CIS.
We are representing Nordic ID and constantly extending our portfolio with complementary Auto-ID solutions.

All Nordic ID Medea devices are now available with 3G

The Nordic ID Medea is an excellent tool for tasks that require high performance. The brilliant 4.3” touchscreen offers an intuitive-to-use user interface, which is easy-to-learn and familiar to today’s users. The Nordic ID Medea is equipped with our advanced high-performance RFID reader engine that delivers fast read rates and high data throughput. The Nordic ID Medea operates a full working day with only one charge.

Medea @ Nordic ID Website

About Sarus Technology

  • Distribution:
    Sarus Technology is the distributor of Auto-ID products in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and CIS markets.
  • Marketing representation:
    We are representing Nordic ID and other technology companies in new Eastern European markets.
  • Part of Sarus Oy:
    Sarus Technology is the division of Sarus Oy. Sarus has been providing marketing and consultancy services for international and Nordic companies from 2007. We have opened Russian and CIS markets for 100+ companies.