Sarus Technology provides Auto-ID solutions in Nordics, Russia and CIS countries.
Our team of IT and business professionals maintains technology and marketing bridge from Nordics to CIS.
We represent top RFID vendors - Nordic ID and Voyantic - and are constantly developing our solution portfolio.

March 17, 2015
Sarus technology and ITProject agree on partnership to supply Nordic ID technologies into ITProject solutions. ITProject will support complete range of Nordic ID products in their RFID solution suite.

ITProject is the leading RFID integrator and software vendor, with the history in Russian IT market from 2004. ITProject has been using Nordic ID solutions successfully in their solutions and projects before. New agreement will allow to fully build on advantages of new distribution scheme of Nordic ID and further develop the market of RFID solutions in Russia.

News @ ITProject Website

About Sarus Technology

  • Distribution:
    Sarus Technology is the distributor of Auto-ID products in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and CIS markets.
  • Marketing representation:
    We represent Nordic ID, Voyantic and other technology companies in new Eastern European markets.
  • Industry Experts:
    Sarus Technology was founded by technology and marketing professionals who opened Russia and CIS market for 100+ international and Nordic companies from 2007. Since then we became one of RFID market leaders in CIS, with top industry expertise and trusted network of partners.