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September 10, 2015

Idesco expands into Eurasian Economic Union market

Idesco Oy, an RFID technology world pioneer, has begun cooperating with Sarus Technology in the Eurasian Economic market, providing sales and marketing support across the zone. Sarus Technology is a division of Sarus Ltd., which distributes Auto-ID products in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and CIS markets.

A significant growth potential exists for companies providing products and services across this market, especially for the construction and infrastructure industries. Predictably, the expanding building construction industry is increasing demand for advanced access control products. Idesco has therefore positioned itself to answer this demand through its co-operation with Sarus Technology.

Idesco’s CEO, Jari Valtonen, explains “Growth and expanding into new market areas is a natural part of our strategy. Across these Eurasian countries, Idesco will benefit from co-operation with Sarus because it’s well-acquainted with the area’s market, customs and language”. Dmitry Artemiev, Sarus Technology’s Director of Business Development, adds, “Sarus Technology has been working successfully with leading companies from Northern Europe, delivering advanced RFID technologies to local markets. This cooperation with Idesco is an extension of our strategy to create an all-inclusive portfolio of RFID solutions for our system integration partners”.

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    Sarus Technology is the distributor of Auto-ID products in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and CIS markets.
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