Sarus Technology distributes Auto-ID solutions in Russia and CIS countries.
Our team of IT and business professionals maintains the bridge from Global markets to Russia and CIS.
We represent top RFID vendors - please check Our Partners section - and are constantly developing our solution portfolio.

April 13, 2020 

The “Datamars Excellence Partner Program” involves a selected premium group of system integrator partners worldwide that has attained Datamars standards of operating excellence, standing out for the deep understanding of RFID market and technology and guaranteeing an high quality level of products and services powered by Datamars RFID technology .

Successfully certified as OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and MR (Magnetic Resonance) conditional, the UHF LaundryChipTM 401 is Datamars’ last disruptive transponder generation that encompasses in a very small size the best mechanical and electrical performances ever.

With excellent bulk reading performance (thousands of pieces - up to six meters) and the highest level of thermal and mechanical resistance, this new UHF generation transponder, with the thickness halved and the width reduced by 33%, can be inserted into the narrow hems of tiny flat linen items as well as into the finest garments (making it widely suitable for private wear). The extraordinary no-wear feeling and unnoticeable look greatly improves the comfort of wearing a transponder.

 Datamars Textile ID Website

Datamars Excellence Partner

About Sarus Technology

  • Distribution:
    Sarus Technology is the distributor of Auto-ID products in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and CIS markets.
  • Marketing representation:
    We started with representing Nordic ID and Voyantic, and have grown our solution portfolio to market best in class products from Times-7, Stora Enso, Datamars and other top technology companies.
  • Industry Experts:
    Sarus Technology was founded by technology and marketing professionals who opened Russia and CIS market for 100+ international and Nordic companies from 2007. Since then we became one of RFID market leaders in CIS, with top industry expertise and trusted network of partners.